Connecting with Facebook Ads Analytics, Facebook and YouTube Insights

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  • Connecting with Facebook and YouTube Insights
  • Troubleshooting and solutions

Connect with Facebook Ads Analytics, Facebook and YouTube Insights

Facebook and YouTube Insights help to check the performance of your page, ensuring that there is no break while you analyze all your data for optimization. If you are managing a lot of pages/channels, it can be time consuming to switch manually between the insights of all these pages. With quintly you can view all the pages you manage and their Insights in one place.

Connecting quintly with Facebook or YouTube Insights and adding the pages you administrate is a simple process. Pages which are connected to Insights can be identified by a small green dot next to the down arrow. There are different ways to connect with Insights:

  1. In the Manage Profiles overview, click the Add Profile button. In the subsequent window you get the option to Connect. After allowing quintly to access your Insights data, all pages you have admin rights to will get listed. Then simple click on the pages you want to add and finish the process with a click on Add Selected Profiles.
  2. When you have added the pages you want to add data for, just click on the down arrow of the regarding profile. Here you get the option to connect by clicking on Facebook Insights/YouTube Insights. A dialog pops up with the message: Do you want to setup or update the Facebook/YouTube Insights access for the profile "Name of the profile"? Click on Setup to proceed. You need to give quintly the Insights access of your Insights data and after that the profile box reloads and you are done. If you don't have the needed administration rights for a page you want to connect you get the following error message: Could not verify that you are an admin of this page.

Facebook Ads Analytics

Separate from the Facebook Insights connection is an Ads Analytics connection. This allows you to connect an ad account associated with one of the Facebook pages you are tracking. You can connect in the Manage Profiles section of your account. 

Troubleshooting and solutions

In the case you are unable to connect with Insights, here are some possible solutions:

  1. Access Token - This token is limited to 60 days and must be renewed thereafter. The green dot next to your connected page means everything is okay and a red light means you need to renew the token. After granting new access everything should work again.
  2. Password Change - If you change the password of your Facebook or YouTube account, all apps, websites and so on which you accessed via Facebook/YouTube login need a new access token to work again.
  3. Admin Rights - If you have no admin rights for a page, it will not to possible to connect quintly with this page. If you have the correct admin rights and are still unable to connect with Insights, please cross check your admin role and if you have the required rights.

Also, here are some important tips: 

  • It is possible that the Facebook Insights API does not return any data. In most cases this is due to the selected time period. You only get a maximum period of 3 months at one time.
  • Insights are only available on Pages with at least 30 likes.
  • Facebook page Insights metrics are all in Pacific Standard Time (PST).
  • Learn more about Facebook Insights

It is important to communicate that connecting your pages to private level statistics in our tool does not give us access to any of your login details or privacy settings. You can find out more about this topic  here.

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