Twitter/Pinterest/LinkedIn Authentication

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  • Why do I need to authenticate my Twitter/Pinterest/LinkedIn account when adding my first Twitter, LinkedIn or Pinterest profile?

    Our tool will ask you to authenticate with your Twitter/Pinterest/LinkedIn account when adding your very first profile for these networks. All three of these networks require us to show authenticated users with their platforms in order to get enough capacity for doing requests towards their APIs. Putting this simple: Authentication is required for doing all the requests necessary to fetch the data for the Twitter, Pinterest or LinkedIn profiles you would like to monitor. Please note that you can basically authenticate with any Twitter/Pinterest/LinkedIn account. It does not need to be your company's account and there won't be any connection between the account used for authentication and the profiles you would like to track later on. So you can basically authenticate with any Twitter/Pinterest/LinkedIn account, even your private one. Once you have authenticated, you can track any public Twitter/Pinterest profile out there, not just the ones you have authenticated with or are an administrator of. In case of LinkedIn if you haven't added any profiles of this network for longer than two months the next time you'll add a profile you'll be asked once again to quickly authenticate. The authentication is done by clicking "Allow" on a pop up window. Please note, that by doing this we don't give out any private credentials to quintly. 

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