Can I get all Historic Data?

This depends on which network you are adding. Facebook is the only network that provides historic data, however in regards to other networks we only have previous data if the profile has already been added to quintly before. You can find out more  here!

What is a Profile?

A profile means a single Business Social Media account, e.g. a Twitter profile or a Facebook Page. 

How many Profiles can I analyze?

There is no limit to how many profiles you can analyze. We have S, M and L packages which have a set number of profiles however we can also create a custom package for you with many more profiles.

What is a Dashboard?

A dashboard is a personalized overview of all the metrics you wish to view immediately. A dashboard can have multiple widgets that can be defined by the user. The dashboard also forms the base for a automatic report.  

What is a Space?

The Spaces feature can be used to subdivide your overall company account into multiple sub-accounts called Spaces. Each Space has separate profiles, groups, and also its own limits. Still user management works across all your Spaces. This is useful if you want your clients to log into the tool but to only have them access certain profiles within your account.

How can I connect to private data for my Facebook Page or YouTube channel?

This is easy, if you are the admin of the Facebook Page or YouTube channel, or if you have statistics access, you just have to complete a few steps to  connect

How did I reach the Swaps limit?

After you have filled up your account with profiles for the first time, the swaps limit regulates how many profiles can be changed on a 30 day rolling period. You can see how many swaps you have and when a swap will be reset under the managed profiles section on the right hand side. Here you can read  more.

What is an Automatic Report?

Our reporting and exporting feature comes in handy when you need to show your colleagues or clients how their profiles are doing. You can set up a daily, weekly or monthly report and choose the email addresses that should receive them. Also each dashboard report can be set up differently. 

How can I cancel my package?

If you wish to cancel, send us an email with cancellation before your new contract period begins. If we are not notified your package will automatically renew.

In what format can I export the data?

In our tool we have many options how you can export the data. The options are: as an image (JPG and PNG), as an Excel worksheet (XLSX), as a PDF file, as a presentation (PPTX), and as a CSV file. If you are exporting a dashboard you also have the export option as a Link. 

How can I customize a metric?

All of our default metrics are customizable using our own quintly Query Language (QQL). Try creating a custom metric on your own with the help of these articles  here.

What is a Facebook global page?

A global page is often used by larger companies to create presence in multiple countries around the world. It is simply a layer on top of a bunch of technically independent Facebook pages with a separate URL and fan count. We have a more details explanation  here.

Couldn’t find an answer?

Please send an email to support@quintly.com or find our live chat within the tool and we will be happy to help you out :)

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