Audience Data vs Interaction Data

Under the Manage Profiles tab, you are able to see the data availability for all the profiles within your account where it says ‘Data since _______’. This tells you when full data availability starts for that specific profile. If you hover over this area, you can actually see a breakdown of when both Audience Data and Interaction Data is available. These dates can help explain why you may not be getting data for certain profiles on a certain date, or why some metrics will have data for that profile and others won’t.

Audience Data

Audience Data is essentially the fans/followers/subscribers etc. data. For networks other than Facebook, Audience Data will be available starting the date it is first added to the tool, whether by you or another user previously. Facebook, on the other hand, makes historic data available within its API, so Facebook pages will usually have Audience Data going close to or even all the way back to the day the page was created. Click Here to learn more about what All Data means within quintly.

Interaction Data

Interaction Data is everything else: posts/tweets/videos & interactions e.g. reactions, comments, shares, retweets. In most cases, Interaction Data will be available starting several months before Audience Data availability. This is why when you add a non-Facebook profile and you’re the first quintly user to add it, you can still see data for some metrics such as the Instagram Posts Table, Twitter Own Tweets Per Hour and YouTube Avg. Likes Per Video, but not see any data for the follower metrics on the same date.

Why is there no value for I-Rate even though I have Interaction Data?

The calculation for Interaction Rate actually requires both Interaction Data and Audience Data. Because of this, if there is no Audience Data on a given date (meaning there’s no follower value for that day), then the equation would be dividing by 0 which is not possible. Therefore, an Interaction Rate will only show once Audience Data is available.

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