Working with the Date Selector

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  • Working with the Date Selector
The Date Selector makes it easy to choose the time period for analysis at any given point in time. Similar to the Profile Selector, the setting will be used throughout the app.
Mentioned below are the several ways of how to select a desired period of time:
  1. To choose an exact time period, click the respective date on the calendar sheet from the time you would like to begin your search and the time period for which you would like to see the result (i.e. Start Date & End Date). This exact way of selecting a time period is the best known so far.
  2. For fast searches you can also click on the typical predefined time periods available on the right side.
  3. To save time and several clicks you can also use the Smart Search option within the Date Selector (For example: April 2014 to May 2014) and you are done.
  4. If you frequently use the same time periods, they can be found under Recent. Click on the desired period and start with your search.
All date selections become effective once the  'Apply' button is clicked. If you wish to choose a bigger time period you can also switch between a Daily, Weekly and Monthly analysis. If a Weekly or Monthly analysis is taken, depending on the metric type you will receive a total sum or an averaged value. 

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