Adding Widgets to your Dashboard

In this article:

  • What is a Widget
  • How to Add Widgets to your Dashboard
  • How to Customize the Widget Size
  • How to Zoom in a Widget
  • How to Change the Diagram Type

What is a Widget

Widgets are resizable windows of chosen metrics and can be mapped individually to a customized Dashboard. The Widget frame offers relevant icons. Such as - Settings & Context-Sensitive help. It also helps analyze if applicable information about the profile data history is given in the chosen metric. There is also a maximize button to watch the metric fullscreen and a deletion button.

How to Add Widgets to your Dashboard

After you have created a customized Dashboard you need to add your desired Widgets to this Dashboard. Firstly you need to click the Add Widget button (blue in color) on the top right or directly in the middle of your customized Dashboard (if it is still empty). In the subsequent window you will be able to choose out of 300 different metrics; to analyze your social media performance. The left side of the screen provides you with the option of switching between the social network metrics for the profiles you wish to analyze. 

When you have chosen the metrics you want to add to your customized Dashboard just click the Add To Dashboard button on the top right of every metrics and the Widget will be added to your customized Dashboard.

How to Customize the Widget Size

After creating your customized Dashboard and adding your first Widgets you can easily customize the size of each Widget. Click the  Handle in the lower right corner of each Widget. Left click on the mouse and change the widget to the desired size. The chosen size will be saved until you change it again.


The current Dashboard is practically a grid and the maximum size is 6x6 columns. It means it is possible to add up to 36 widgets to one Dashboard. Of course, you need to set a maximum of 6 columns for your Dashboard. This can be done during the creation of a customized Dashboard or you can always edit existing Dashboards.

The following figure is an example for different Widget sizes in a customized Dashboard


How to Zoom in a Widget

This feature is useful if you have chosen a selective time period for the graph you are looking at and would quickly like to check a certain time frame within that period in more detail. 

You can simply highlight that part with your cursor and the tool automatically zooms into the chosen section of the graph. With one click you can also reset the zoom and go back to the original view.

How to Change the Diagram Type

If you would like to change the type of diagram, e.g from a bar chart to a line chart, you can do this with our QQL console. For this you do not need to use  QQL (Quintly Query Language) itself. A few clicks will be sufficient to individualize your chart. Any metric that you have transformed and saved is then available for all of your customized dashboards.

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