Working with Dashboards

How to Create a Dashboard

To create a customized Dashboard click the Add Dashboard button on the top left sidebar. In the subsequent  window  you can name your Dashboard and choose the number of columns. The maximum number of columns is six. 
Furthermore  you can easily share your customized Dashboards with other users of your account. To enable that option, click on Share Dashboard. 
Hint: A higher number of columns usually only makes sense when a larger screen is used. The selection of up to three columns is often the right choice for today's laptops and tablets.

How to Edit / Delete a Dashboard

To Rename, Change the number of columns or Share an existing Dashboard, click the Edit button displayed at the top right of the screen.

Similarly  click the Delete button if you wish to Delete a Dashboard completely. The deletion needs to be confirmed in a new window to avoid any mistakes. A click on Confirm will finally delete the Dashboard.

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