Changing User Access: Read-only, Basic and Admin

There are 3 levels of access within quintly: admin, basic, and read-only.

Admin access has 0 limitations. An admin can make any changes within the account and can also add/edit users, view package info, download invoices, etc.

Basic access, aka ‘write access’ allows the user to manage account profiles, groups, dashboards, etc. the same as an admin. The only limitations of these users is that they cannot manage other users, view package info, etc.

Read-only users are similar to basic users with a few extra limitations. For example, they cannot make any changes to the profiles and groups associated with the account. They  also cannot change any dashboards shared with them through another user in the system. However, they do have the flexibility to configure their own metrics, have their own private dashboards, and make updates and adjustments to them.

Changing a user’s access to read-only or admin

Simply go to ‘Manage profiles’ then click on the ‘Users’ tab. Then, click on the little pencil icon to the top right of the user whose access you wish to change. The ‘Read only’ box just needs to be checked off to give the user read-only access. If this is not checked off, the user will have basic access. If you’re an admin who would like to give another user admin access as well, please contact Support.

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