Controlling your Swap Limit

What are Swaps

The Swaps Limit basically regulates how many additional profiles can be added on a monthly basis once all the unnecessary profiles have been removed upon reaching the maximum limit (as per the chosen package). It has been designed to ensure fair use of our packages and to avoid bulk data downloading.

The current number of profile swaps is calculated by our system after checking the number of profiles that have been added, calculated on a 30-day rolling period (so it's not exactly "monthly"). For example, If you have reached your profile swap limit today, you will not be able to add further profiles. However tomorrow it may be possible to carry out additional swaps in case your profiles were added more than 30 days prior.

Additional information on when further profile swaps will be available can be received from the Account Limits page. Simply hover over the numbers to find this additional information.


For a better understanding of the Swaps functionality, check out these 4 simple steps:

Step 1 - 28 Profiles have been added and there is still the option to add 2 new Profiles.

Step 2 - 2 New Profiles have been added. Thereby reaching the total limit of the package (i.e. 30 profiles). Notice that the number of Swaps used is still zero.

Step 3 - 3 Profiles have been deleted (that are no longer required).

Step 4 - Post deletion, 1 New Profile has been added. Therefore now the system counts our first Swap that will be removed automatically in the next 30 days.

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