Package Limits and Features

This article explains the limits and features of our packages such as profiles, swaps, groups, dashboards, custom metrics, automatic reports, white-labeling and spaces.

All of our paid packages have a profile, swap, group, user and dashboard limit. The automatic report and custom metric feature is available in all of our paid packages. Furthermore, you are able to purchase the Space and White-labeling features to add to your package.

Default limits and features

A profile is any publicly available social media page on one of the offered social media networks (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest).

A swap is a combination of deleting a page and adding a new one to replace it. This limit regulates how many profiles can be replaced within a 30 day period. You can read more about controlling your swap limit here.

Groups are a way to organize profiles for analyzing multiple pages at the same time. To read more about setting up groups, click here.

Dashboards provide a personalized overview of your most relevant metrics. You can read more about creating dashboards here.

Custom Metrics allow you to create personalized metrics using QQL (quintly Query Language), along with the available data sources found in the QQL Console.

Automatic Reports make it possible to turn custom dashboards into PDF reports which can be downloaded, emailed adhoc or automatically sent as recurring reports. You can learn more about building custom metrics here and about setting up automatic reports here.

Additional features

Co-labeling allows you to co-label our tool and exports with your own logo. For exports and automated reports, your logo will completely replace ours, and within the tool it will be put next to the quintly logo.

Spaces can be used to divide your overall company account into multiple sub-accounts called Spaces. Each Space has separate profiles, groups, and also its own limits. Still user management works across all your Spaces.

For more information on our Spaces and White-labeling features, please contacts us at

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