Managing Profiles

In this article:

  • How to Add a Profile
  • How to Find potential Competitors' Profiles (Similar Profiles)
  • How to Delete a Profile conclusively

How to Add a Profile

Adding profiles to quintly just takes a few simple steps. Just click on the Manage Profiles button at the top left of your screen, then you get to the Profile Management view and you need to click on Add Profile. In the window that opens you can search for a profile name or copy-paste a URL and we will find the according profile for all supported social networks. Tap on all Profiles you want to track and then on the regarding button and the selected profiles will be added to your account. 

How to find potential competitors' Profiles (Similar Profiles)

After you added one or more profiles to your account often a new dialog appears with bold message We Found Similar Profiles (Optional). In this case our intelligent algorithms found other profiles which are similar to the ones you have added before.

We use crowdsourcing algorithms for this feature, checking if other users of our tool have already added the profiles and how they have clustered it together with other profiles. The algorithm gets better and better when people use our tool. Maybe you can find some interesting profiles or even competitors you did not know before that you want to add to your account as well. 

How to Delete a Profile conclusively

If you want to delete a specific Profile completely from your account you can open the Group to which this Profile was added or just use the search box in the Manage Profiles view. Then click on the down arrow in the right corner of the Profile you want to delete. In the opening window you get the option to finally Delete the profile from your account. To avoid any mistakes you need to confirm the deletion of the Profile in a new window. A click on Confirm will finally delete the Profile from your account.

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