Analyzing Profile Groups

In this article:
  • How to Create a Group (of Profiles)
  • How to Remove a Profile from a Group
  • How to Rename or Delete a Group

How to Create a Group (of Profiles)

To be able to compare social media profiles reasonably, you can group them. You should preferably keep the number of profiles for any analysis to the minimum. 

To create a new group, click ' Manage Profiles' and then click ' Add A New Group' on the top right. Thereafter choose a name for your new group and click ' Add'. Then the process is finished.
You can add unlimited profiles into a single group. However to increase productivity of the tool and get optimum charts it’s recommended to put not more than 10 profiles into a single group. 

How to Remove a Profile from a Group

If you want to remove a Profile from a Group, the Group name consisting that profile has to be selected. Thereafter click the ' down arrow' in the right corner of the Profile you wish to remove. The subsequent window displays the option ' Remove from group'. Select this option and the profile will be deleted.

How to Rename or Delete a Group

Renaming a group is not difficult at all. Click the ' down arrow' right of the group name. The subsequent window will have the option to ' Rename' your existing Group. Enter the new name in the pop-up that appears and click on Rename. You are done.
If you wish to delete a Group completely just click the ' down arrow' of the desired group. Thereafter click the  'Delete' button. The deletion needs to be confirmed in a new window to avoid any mistakes. Click on ' Confirm' to finally delete the Group.

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